8 Tips to Grow Your Natural Hair

8 Tips to Grow Your Natural Hair

Growing out natural hair is definitely a process and a journey. It takes a lot of time and effort to start over fresh and grow the hair that is naturally yours. There are some tips, tricks, tools and products to help you during your natural hair transition.

1. Avoid manipulating your hair as much as possible.

Manipulating your hair includes combing, brushing and styling of any kind. Finger combing is usually best to keep away tangles and reduce breakage, especially for coily hair. If you’re going to brush your hair, make sure you do it right.

  • Separate your hair into 6-8 sections.
  • Start with your ends and work your way up to your roots.
  • Always add some kind of moisture to you hair to prevent tangles. Give It To Me Straight Leave In Conditioner by The Mane Choice is great for combing purposes.


2. Keep heat styling to a minimum.

While using heat styling tools is a great way for a stretched out and tame look, it also highly increases the dryness and breakage of your hair.

Keep heat styling (flatirons, blowdryers, curling irons, etc.) to a minimum when growing out your natural hair. It reeks havoc on your ends, which calls for more frequent trims and defeating the growth of your natural hair. However, if you are going to use heat tools, make sure you protect your hair with heat protectant.


3. Take vitamins that work for your hair and your body.

Human hair is affected by many things on the outside, but also by what is going on inside your body. The food you eat and the amount of exercise you get every day affect the make up of your hair, just like the inside of your body, as well as your skin. You may take a multi-vitamin, but you can also take vitamins that are good for your health and your hair. Vitamins, such as Manetabolism Plus Vitamins, contain calcium, thiamine and magnesium to provide nourishment to the body’s cells and target hair follicles to ensure healthy hair growth. Courtney Adeleye, founder of The Mane Choice, created Manetabolism for the exact purpose of nourishing the body so that your hair may growth thicker and stronger.


4. Use oils that penetrate your hair and roots.

Some people prefer certain oils because it makes your hair feel really soft, but it really only puts a thick coat on the surface of your hair without actually doing work inside your strands. Use oils such as coconut oil, ucuuba butter or The Mane Choice’s Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This Natural Growth and Retention Solution. This not only makes your hair feel soft, but the oils penetrate your hair shaft to strengthen and silken your growing hair.


5. Moisturize your hair often.

This by far one of the most important things to do for your natural hair. Since natural hair is very kinky/curly/coily, it takes a while for the natural oils you produce to get to the ends of the hair strand and because of this you have to supply your hair with its needed moisture.

Try the “LOC” method as a means for moisture. L stands for liquid, O is an oil, and C is conditioner. After your hair has been detangled, spray it with a liquid, like water or a liquid conditioner, next put in an oil like argan oil, castor oil, etc. and then top it all off with a cream conditioner. Doing this at least 3-4 times a week will give your hair all the moisture it needs to grow long and healthy.


6. Deep condition your hair frequently.

Deep conditioning is something that women oftentimes forget to do, but it is crucial for hair strength and length retention. Try the Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask.


7. Use protective styling.

A protective style is any style where you can put you hair away (for at least a week) that doen’t require any manipulation and will prevent your hair from brushing against your clothes, which also causes tangles and breakage.

These styles also allow you to put in extra care with moisturizing and conditioning. These styles include buns, braids, twists-outs or braid-outs, sew in weaves, and wigs. There are tons of tools and accessories to make styling your hair in these ways easy and accessible!


8. Be patient

Everybody’s hair is different. Some curls are tighter than others and some people’s hair is dryer than others. This is important when trying to find the kinds of products and hair care routines that work for you. It doesn’t mean there isn’t something out there for you, it just means that what works for someone else, might not work the same for you.

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