Welcome to The Mane Choice

We are a company that was developed through a passionate love for healthy hair. More than a beauty brand, every product was scientifically formulated to nourish and grow beautiful, natural hair. Unnecessary ingredients were replaced with more natural, organic ingredients that studies have revealed to benefit healthy hair growth and retention for all hair types.

Thousands of customers have made the Mane Choice their choice for healthy, beautiful hair. Tested, safe and effective, our high-quality vitamins and conditioners contain all the nutrients you need to grow and retain the hair of your dreams, starting at the scalp.


Our Mission

To provide you with high-quality products that deliver real results.

Our Goal

You will love what you see in the mirror!

Our Vision

For you to grow – and keep – the hair of your dreams.

Our History

In 2008, Courtney Adeleye made a life-changing decision to liberate her hair from texture-altering chemicals and to begin the journey of growing healthy, natural hair. In her mission to remain chemical-free, it was challenging to find products to manage and maintain natural hair.

Through researching the anatomy of hair, and the scientific necessities to grow and retain healthy hair, she began to develop her own mixtures.

She personally tested each mixture to determine the best combination of ingredients, and has proven it’s possible to have the hair of your dreams.


Courtney Adeleye, BSN and entrepreneur.
Dr. Adebowale Adeleye, M.D.

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