Nourishing Hair to a New Level

Whether relaxed or natural, long, beautiful healthy hair is the goal for many women. How we go about obtaining that goal is the true determining factor whether or not we see desired results. On our personal hair journeys, we’ve all tried various methods that promised more beautiful hair.  Now, let’s take it a step further and actually try products that nourish and give our hair the proper treatment to grow.

“The Mane Choice” is a hair solution company that infuses vitamins and minerals to their products nourish hair to encourage the growth of long,

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8 Tips to Grow Your Natural Hair

Growing out natural hair is definitely a process and a journey. It takes a lot of time and effort to start over fresh and grow the hair that is naturally yours. There are some tips, tricks, tools and products to help you during your natural hair transition.

1. Avoid manipulating your hair as much as possible.

Manipulating your hair includes combing, brushing and styling of any kind. Finger combing is usually best to keep away tangles and reduce breakage,

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